Over 5 million families bought new homes last year. 

That’s a lot of people, so listing your home yourself and making the sale should be no big deal. Right?

reality, selling your home without help is a lot harder than that, which is why
you need a realtor. We’ve put together this guide to show you how working with
a realtor will benefit you when selling your home.

1. You’ll Sell Faster

you don’t have a realtor when selling your home, you’ll have to handle all the
interested buyers yourself. That means you’ll have to pick up phone calls,
answer questions, set up appointments, and walk people through your home. 

things might sound simple enough, but they can take up a lot of time. This
isn’t even including marketing your home and attracting buyers. Trying to
sell your home around the normal responsibilities of your day can make the
process take a lot longer. 

realtor will take care of all these jobs for you, and it will be their main
priority. Because of this, you’ll free up your time and also sell your home

2. You’ll Make More

might not be your first thought when you hire a realtor—but think of it this

is a big part of buying or selling a house. If you aren’t good at negotiating
(and sometimes even if you are), you might end up selling your home for less
than you planned. 

realtor knows how to keep buyers interested while also getting you the price
you want for your house. So even though you have to give your realtor a piece
of the cake, you can often still make more money working with a realtor than
trying to get through the process on your own. 

Even after agreeing on a price, closing the sale can have pitfalls of its own. A real estate closing attorney will ensure it goes smoothly. 

3. You Won’t Have to
Deal With Any Paperwork 

handling interested buyers and negotiating price isn’t complicated enough, you
also have to fill out all the paperwork yourself if you don’t have a

is where things can really get tricky. 

up on important documents or contracts can cost you time and money—and
sometimes the sale. Realtors have a detailed understanding of everything you
need to take care of when selling a house, and they can take care of all the
paperwork (and there’s a lot of it!) for you. 

will make your job much easier. 

Why You Need a Realtor
When Selling Your Home

a home can be a long and difficult process. You’ll have to dedicate a lot of
your time to the sale, and if you don’t respond to interested buyers fast
enough, you may lose them. 

That’s why
you need a realtor when selling your home. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot
more stress, and you might not make as much money in the end. 

to learn some other helpful tips for selling your home? Make sure you check the
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