For the dreamer out there who dreams big, Magic Hills is a South Africa nature preserve of 50,000 acres on the market for $40 million. With the world seeming to close in around us, this Eastern Cape wonder is the chance of a lifetime for some visionary to give back. 

Sky Lodge is at the center of the preserve and offers luxury 7 suites, plus two exclusive apartments. (Andrew Howard/Magic Hills)

The preserve is the result of a years-long conservation effort to rehabilitate a landscape, to ensure animal species thrive and survive, and to regreen vast stretches of the region. Conceived of as a green effort mixed with a luxurious encampment, the property is unique to the extreme. There are three homes, the Sky Lodge, Ilanga Manor House, and the Elsa Farmhouse, set in the middle of pristine wilderness and mountain vistas. The combination of karoo (semi-desert) and mountain landscapes are simply stunning.

The critically endangered Black Rhinocerous living on the preserve are lovingly referred to as “Chubby Unicorns”  (Andrew Howard/Magic Hills)

The residences have a total of 24 bedrooms and 24 baths, and just about every luxury convenience you can think of. At the main residence there’s a grotto, a wine cellar, staff quarters, a private lake, several pools, and a spa. The property even has its own private airport. But the main attraction of this breathtaking property are the 26 large mammal species, 10 endemic bird species, and more than 7,700 plant species that now  thrive here. 

The vision of the couple who created the preserve was to reconnect the biodiverse sites scattered around the region in order to reestablish a habitat for what’s commonly referred to as the “Big Five” game animals, the lions, leopards, black rhinos, African bush elephants, and African buffaloes that are so endangered. 

Ilanga Manor House, located some distance to the north of Sky Lodge, combines luxury and a SA bush feel  (Andrew Howard/Magic Hills)

The progress of this conservancy has been amazing. Already the owners have seen extensive veld rehabilitation, and 2020 saw active reintroduction of Karoo grasses and native succulents to the most degraded areas will be a priority project. Over time, the plan is to completely rehabilitate the land, and then to interconnect the plots so that these amazing creatures can once again roam freely.

The main salon at Sky Lodge features two fireplaces, luxury features, and a spellbinding panorama of the region. (Andrew Howard/Magic Hills)

On the commercial side, Magic Hills has been a destination for travelers seeking the extraordinary. The preserve has become a welcoming destination for individuals, couples, and families eager for world-class service combined with an extraordinary, unforgettable experience. The property has a huge value potential as either a private getaway, or as a stunning destination for discerning travelers, or both.  

A Guest BR conveys the attention to detail and incomperable blend of materials, style, and luxury that make this property all the more unique.  (Andrew Howard/Magic Hills)

To find out more about this one-of-a-kind exclusive property, readers should contact Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, and Aimee Campbell, franchise owner at +27 72 693 4052

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