Today, many people view real estate as the best investment option for an array of reasons like the higher returns that it provides and its predictable cash-flow. This certainly is good news for real estate agents. However, with ever-growing popularity, one of the challenges that real estate agents face is increasing competition.

Keeping in mind how fruitful this sector is, many people are highly interested in real estate. However, if you really want to stand out and engage more clients, it’s not just about your services and performance. Marketing has reached new heights, and to keep up with your competitors, you need to treat digital marketing as one of the core components for your business growth. So, without any further ado, here are 12 proven real estate marketing strategies to help you reach more people and appeal more to your potential clients.

  1. 1.     
     Treat your website like it’s your store

people shop online before physically visiting a business. You can get so many
clients visit your real estate agency through your website, that is, when they
find it interesting and useful enough. Hence, when you work on your site’s
architecture as much as your physical business, you’re opening doors to an
incredible business opportunity. Right from content to photographs and client
testimony, carefully handpick the most appealing of things about your business
and talk to your potential clients through your website. This will make them
consider visiting your agency.

  • 2.     
    Answer FAQs of
    your potential clients through blogs

who plan to invest in real estate are always looking for useful information
that can help them have better insight into the field. Whether it is the
current market conditions or expert views about different aspects of real
estate, they’re out there online to imbibe all the info through blogs and
Q&As. You can look for popular forums and find the common questions that
people ask about real estate.

these questions, you can create blogs or even have FAQs on your website. This
would increase your credibility as an expert while helping people find answers
to their queries. It is recommended to work with an expert writer to make your
content all the more appealing to the client.

  • 3.     
    Leverage social
    media to your advantage

Social media is indeed a boon if you use it the right way to reap its benefits. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, you can reach far more people and promote your business and website in better ways. Joining local Facebook groups will help you interact with people in your locality. Furthermore, create a Facebook business account that is truly professional. On Instagram, you can share stories and pictures of your properties and add a personal touch to it. Add appropriate and concise captions and tell a story about your property. There are more chances that your clients will remember you through your stories and social media presence.

  • 4.     
    Use Zillow


We’ve already asserted that people do house-hunting online. With that said, Zillow is the most popular real estate website and one of the best real estate marketing tools with a hundred of millions of visitors every month. You can leverage Zillow Premier Agent to advertise your business in a highly targeted manner with the help of local Zillow and Trulia listings. Being on this platform comes across as being authentic and professional, making your business more reliable in the eyes of homebuyers.

  • 5.     
    Get professional
    with your videos and photographs

you upload pictures and videos on your website and social media pages, people
gauge your professionalism through the quality of these visual media. Since
real estate is all the more about how a property looks, overlooking a
professional approach when catering to the eyes of your potential clients can
prove to be a blunder.

hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture your property in
ways that make it unique and out of the ordinary. One such example is using
drones to film videos. Incredible videos and images coupled with social media
presence can work like magic for the growth of your business.

  • 6.     
    Host events at
    the houses

of the best ways to advertise the home that you want to sell is by planning an
event in the house. This will give you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your
house. A social gathering in the house will get people talking about your
property, and this could work as a ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity as well. People
attending the event can also spread the word if they have friends or family
interested in buying a house in that area.

  • 7.     
    Let your visual
    content take the lead

we talk about the field of real estate, it’s all about aesthetics. When you’re
selling a house or any other kind of property for that matter, your website and
social media profiles should have high-resolution images of it. Be it videos or
images, both play a crucial role in helping people decide whether or not they’d
want to shortlist your property. When you upload pictures and videos, make sure
you use appropriate hashtags like the location, type of property, etc. to
target people better. And when you post blogs, add images to them.

  • 8.     
    Invest in
    360-degree virtual home tour

of the incredible ways of using technology to create one-of-a-kind of
experience for clients is through virtual home tours. A 360-degree virtual home
tour would let the viewers feel like they’re actually visiting your property
and taking a walk-through. Today, with how advanced technology has become,
people expect everything at the comfort of their couch. Besides that, virtual
home tours also set a professional impression.

  • 9.     
    Make your
    potential clients feel special

and newsletters are a great way to reach potential clients. When you plan to
include these strategies in your marketing approach, personalization helps.
When you set the tone of the message such that the client feels that it’s
crafted for them, it gives them a sense of importance. While so many sellers
have almost the same price range for a property, what can make you stand out is
how you treat your potential clients.

  1. 10.Look out for competitors

such lucrative opportunities, more and more people are choosing the real estate
business. There are inevitably thousands of real estate agencies out there.
However, what can help you outdo your competitors are real estate marketing
strategies coupled with an insight into what your competitors are up to.

While it’s never recommended to copy everything that your top competitors do, you can take inspiration from the little things and make slight modifications. However, make it a point to implement at least a few of the marketing strategies for real estate agents that we’ve talked about to have a dash of uniqueness in your approach. When people compare your business with that of a competitor, you shouldn’t come across as a copycat. Instead, it would help if you looked like you’re equipped with everything that your competitor has, and can offer a lot more.

  1. 11. 
    Make Google

all the above-mentioned real estate marketing strategies are unconventional and
comparatively unique, there’s one conventional path that you can’t miss if you
have a website. Ranking on Google can be a gamechanger for your website,
driving more people to your business while also tremendously increasing your

Engine Optimization or SEO can help you make your website Google-friendly. A
few rules are- know the keywords that are trending and use them in your
content. And when we talk about content, make sure to post long-form content
(around 1000 words) because this gives the impression that your content is
informative. You can go through various real estate marketing ideas pdf online
that cover SEO factors so that you can make your website even better.

  1. 12. 


you’ve been in business for a long time now, you must have successfully catered
to many clients over time. For the unparalleled quality of services that you
offer, you can ask them for one thing in return- a testimonial through video.
It can be fantastic if you have a few of the clients who can spare some time
for a professional video. This will add to your portfolio and prove the
eminence of your business, providing them with enough reasons to opt for your
services over others.

These are some of the real estate marketing ideas 2020 that can help your business in exploring better opportunities while attracting more people. With excellent services, there’s always a decent amount of marketing that’s involved in targeting serious buyers. Although implementing all these real estate marketing strategies can be hard work, you can customize your marketing approach to suit your business.


Author Bio: Dileep Thekkethil, who was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the SEO content and guest posting service specialist at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena.

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